Brass Components


Brass Components

brass-components-talco-india,nashik We at Talco India Washer Hub manufacture a variety of Brass components for a wide range of electrical and automobile applications.

The brass parts we manufacture as listed below:

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Brass Washers

  • talco-india-machine-washer-component-nashik Brass metal inserts for Plastic insertion.

  • talco-india-CNC-turns-component-nashik Brass Machined components.

  • talco-india-long-shaft-component-nashik Brass Pins and rods.

  • talco-india-VMC-component-nashik Brass press components and brackets

  • talco-india-machine-pin-component-nashik Brass bus bars,

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Brass electrical conducting clips and clamps.

Brass material used by us is thoroughly tested in world class labs by our company for all the material received and further used for huge applications as listed above. The material brass is used where there is a heavy conduction of heat and electricity. Brass is considered as a good conductor of electricity and hence is used in a variety of applications in control panels, electrical cut off circuits, electrical panels etc.

Brass pins and inserts are used as a fastener of all plastic parts and inserted between them for fastening of bolts.


Products Applications

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Rubber Components

  • talco-india-machine-washer-component-nashik Plastic Components.

  • talco-india-CNC-turns-component-nashik Electrical Switchgear

  • talco-india-long-shaft-component-nashik Electrical Fans






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