Circlips and Snap Rings



Circlips and Snap Rings

At Talco India, we manufacture Circlips and Snap Rings of all types in thorough spring steel grades i.e. 1070, 1060 or 1080 ( EN42J). We also do manufacture Internal circlips and External circlips as per DIN 471 and DIN 472 standards and ANSI standards

Our clips are hardened and austempered to sustain high wear conditions and maintain optimum quality. We manufacture all types of Circlips viz, A type circlips, B type circlips, E type circlips, K type circlips ( internal K type circlip and external K type circlips) etc. The circlips and Snap rings are manufactured by us as per our customer drawings and requirements or standards .

We also do manufacture all types of Snap rings and circlips viz. D type snap rings, metallic O rings, retaining rings of all shapes and sizes.








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