Draw Components


Draw Components

Clamps:talco-India,nashik We at Talco India manufacture draw and deep draw components for automobile and a variety of applications.

We use high quality Cold rolled and Hot rolled Deep draw quality steel manufactured by India’s top end quality steel manufacturers for manufacturing of Deep draw components for a variety of applications.

With our in house tool and die design, we tend to design tools for deep draw parts.

We have a deep expertise for more than 30 years in manufacturing of deep draw tool design and draw components manufacturing.

A variety of material is used for draw and deep draw components viz: IS 513 – CR1/CR2/CR3, IS 1079, Annealed copper, Annealed carbon steel, EN42J – annealed, annealed brass, Stainless steel etc.




Product Application

 Automobile Spare Parts

 Air Filters

 Automobile Air Filters

 Diesel Filters

 Fuel Pumps

 Diesel Pumps

 Air Pumps

 Water Suction Pumps

 Suspension Parts

 Automobile Suspension Parts







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