Machine Component & Spacer


Machine Components & Spacers

talco-India,nashik-machine-components We manufacture all types of machined and precision machined components as listed below

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik All kinds of Spacers,

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Induction hardened Spacers,

  • talco-india-machine-washer-component-nashik Machined washers,

  • talco-india-CNC-turns-component-nashik CNC turned components,

  • talco-india-long-shaft-component-nashik Shafts and Long shafts ranging upto 1.8M in length and 450 mm diameter.

  • talco-india-VMC-component-nashik VMC machined and Milling components.

  • talco-india-machine-pin-component-nashik Machined Pins.




We have a setup of CNC turning centers and VMC machining machines. With a in house tooling facility we manufacture our tools and press dies in house too.


We are into manufacturing of all types machined and precision turned components used in the below mentioned applications:

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Machined bushes for automobile and earthmoving equipment.

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Machined Spacers

  • talco-india-machine-washer-component-nashikMachined Pins and induction hardened pins.

  • talco-india-CNC-turns-component-nashikMachined shafts and machined long shafts

  • talco-india-long-shaft-component-nashikMachined rods, machined and fabricated sheet metal parts

  • talco-india-VMC-component-nashik Machined and ground spacers, machined and ground washers.

  • talco-india-machine-pin-component-nashikHardened machined spacers and hardened washers as per DIN standards.

Material for machined components

We manufacture machined components in all kinds of material viz. Mild steel and all MS grades, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Carbon steel like EN8, EN9, EN42, C80 etc.







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