Clamps & Clips


Clamps & Clips

clamps-and-clips-talco-India,nashik At Talco India we manufacture all types of sheet metal and round section clamps and clips used for a variety of applications as below:

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Clips and clamps for clamping of various metal to metal parts.

  • talco-india-fabrication-component-nashik Insulated clams and clips

  • talco-india-machine-washer-component-nashik PVC coated clamps and clips

  • talco-india-CNC-turns-component-nashik P Clips

  • talco-india-long-shaft-component-nashik O clamps, PVC coated O clamps,

  • talco-india-VMC-component-nashik Threaded clamps and clips

  • talco-india-machine-pin-component-nashik C shaped Clips

The PVC coated P clips that we manufacture have very versatile application for Hose clamping and all kinds of electrical insulation clamping.

P clips and O clips are also manufactured in EPDM rubber sleeves, Neoprene rubber sleeve coating which give an excellent life for wear and tear and tough climatic conditions. EPDM rubber clamps are very widely used in Earthmoving equipment for clamping of hydraulic hoses, electrical kits.


We also do manufacture all types of basketry and small bracket parts used for automobile applications like mounting of chassis parts, mounting and holding of electrical wire harness, clip harness, etc.

Clips, brackets and clamps are manufactured in a variety of material viz. Mild steel and all mild steel grades like IS 1010, IS 1079, IS 513. Clips are also manufactured in Spring steel, carbon steel like C80, C55, EN8, EN9, EN42J, C80 etc. Copper clamps and brackets are also widely used for electrical and electrical transmission related applications. Spring steel clips are used for spring back application and where tension in spring back is required.




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